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Timothy Davis Reunion
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The 77th Annual Timothy Davis Reunion-July 14,2002
  President Kenny Davis called the meeting to order . Lizbeth Phillips read the notes  of the last meeting and reported on the funds in the treasury . Kathy Schumann gave the historian's report
noting several births and the passing of her Mother, and others .
   Steve Davis reiterated the need for us descendants of the people
in the Lattice Bridge Cemetery to enlist the aid of politicians to enforce the upkeep . Bob Davis mentioned the names of Pat McGee and Emil Houghton. It was suggested that we use the sign- in sheet of the day as the petition to accompany a letter to  the town of Hume and the State Reps.Also , that those of us who use email correspond with eachother and email our letters .
Paula Vettenberg made the motion that we form a work committee to go up to the cemetery and clean it up. and Shirley Lewis seconded that motion. It was voted in . Several people signed up and Sept. 14,2002 was agreed  upon with Sept 21 as the raindate.Kathy Schumann stated that if you could only donate a little time here and there, that would be very helpful; to look her up .Also to bring a fishing pole as the Genesee River is right there.Bob Cummings stated that it is the town's responsibility to look after the cemetery .Kathy said the town won't do a whole lot and you've got to watch when they're there that they don't whack the flowers.Bob said the town would want a road up to the place for the equipment. Steve feel this would put the cemetery in dire straits what with parties and the like.
The last burial in the Lattice Bridge Cemetery was Maria Davis in 1921 , but there appear to be some unearthed graves, yet . Care must be taken when walking over these graves as one could end up right on top of ones great great .
Officers were elected:Bob Davis  nominated Steve Davis for President. Lizbeth Phillips seconded. Steve won .Kelly Webb was elected Vice-President. Shirley Davis was elected Secretary-Treasurer; and Kathy Schumann remains as Historian .We once again agreed to donate 50.00 for the Pavillion(and to have the reunion in Mayville again).(Turns out , the Pavillion was already rented for the 2nd Sunday in July .so we had to take the 3rd Sunday.) We all agreed to eat at 2:00 next year so churchgoers wouldn't have to miss church.A young lady seated with Paula Vettenburg requested that we donate to the American Cancer Society so we decided to donate 50.00.
For next year, Pres. Kenny Davis stated we should choose how the food would be served  and stick to it.We chose buffet, but keep bringing the food as if each table were bringing its own.
It was a beautiful day and the food was great.Good to see all of those handsome people.Lizbeth Phillips-outgoing sec/treas.
The 76th Annual Timothy Davis Reunion

The reunion was held on the 8th of July , 2001 . It was
a very fine day . Our people swam ; played horseshoes;
played basketball ; and walked to the art show , held up the beach from us .
We had an auction , again, this year . Jacob Davis called and Nathan and Andrew Davis and their friend , Dave Schwerk,
helped with the cash , bid-sighting, and delivery of items .
The Auction brought in $187.00 .
There was a business meeting .Kenny Davis was elected
President ; Joan Davis, Vice-Pres. ;Kathy Schumann, Historian ; and Lizbeth Phillips, Sec'y/Treas .
Kathy Schumann gave a Historian's report. Of note, David
Allen passed away , and Jack Ryan Trask and Dale Thomas were
born .
Kathy requested that someone from each of the seven family branches help update the history. L. Phillips will
do the Harold Davis branch .

Treasurer's Report

Balance as of 07-08-01 -446.07
Check No. 100 to Robert Davis, 2001 Pres. , for reunion ham
- 50.00
Check No. 101 to Village of Mayville for 2002 reunion for
pavillion rental - 50.00
Deposit into checking from auction
Balance -533.07
2002 Reunion Announcement Mailings-   -62.64(itemized below)
Balance on 7-14-02 - 470.43

(itemized mailing expenses:hanging file folders-3.50;labels-3.96;envelopes-4.47;Printer-9.91;Postage-40.80)

Lizbeth A. Phillips,Sec'y/Treas.


The Timothy Davis Reunion-Secretary' s Report

The Seventy-Fifth Timothy Davis Annual Reunion met July 9,2000 at Lakeside Park in Mayville,
New York.Bob Davis presided. Kenneth Davis was Vice-President. Judy Sherman was Historian
and Kathy Schumann was Secretary-Treasurer.

In case you need to be reminded, it rained. Appetites, however, were not dampened and the
auction was very spirited with Jacob Davis as the Auctioneer and Andrew and Nathan Davis
helping with change, bidding, and distibuting the items.

During the business meeting, Bob Davis was re-elected President;Kenny Davis re-elected Vice-President;
Kathy Schumann became Historian; and Lizbeth Phillips-Secretary-Treasurer. 147 people voted to hold
the Reunion on July 8,2001 at Lakeside Park,again. It was decided after some discussion, to pay the
Park 50.00 for use of the pavillion next year.Kathy Schumann gave the Treasurer's Report. Kristi Davis
read a letter from her sister, Annette Durheim from Gresham,Oregon. Annette wrote about the Reunion
when we were children, and her life in Oregon and her Family. Bob Davis moved to close.Lizbeth Phillips
seconded and most were in favor.

As an aside, the ice cream place near the park featured the Reunion on it's board.-Lizbeth Phillips,Sec'y-Treas.,2000-2001.

Treasurer's Report

Balance Forwarded- 190.70
Wrapped Gift Auction- 247.50
Collection- 150.00
Joyce Smith bought
5 Family Trees and
donated 2.50- 20.00
L.Phillips bought
one Family Tree- 3.50
Total- 611.70
Cash to Bob Davis
for Pavillion Donation
for 2001- -50.00
Balance- 561.70